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Habesha dress, Ethiopian Traditional Clothes online for sale

Own Ethiopian Traditional cloth to create an amazing looks. Modern Ethiopian dress for sale. Just your own style.

Habehsa dress fashion for sale

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Ethiopian Traditional Clothes

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Ethiopian Cultural Dress is modern Ethiopian dress

Ethiopian Dress & Ethiopian Women's Clothing

Ethiopian traditional dress new style

The habesha kemis (ሐበሻ habesha, “Ethiopian” ቀሚስ kemis, “dress”) is the traditional attire of Ethiopian and Eritrean women.

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Ethiopian modern Habesha Kemis, Ethiopian Cultural Dress

Ethiopian wedding dress

Stunning Ethiopian Handmade Embroidered Traditional Habesha Dress and  Habesha Ethiopian Cloth made with love and hand.  Buy it, dress it, and love it.

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Ethiopian Clothing, Jewelries & Virgin Human Hair

Ethiopian traditional dress new style

We sell Virgin Human Hair and make fine Ethiopian Eritrean Gold Jewelries set and Bride Wedding Pendant Necklace Bangle Earring Ring with African Eritrea Habesha sets. 

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Ethiopian traditional dress fashion is made with love by Ethiopian

Ethiopian traditional dress designer

You probably don’t have habesha Kemis to wear anyways

Ethiopian Traditional Clothes and Ethiopian Cultural dress Fashion is all about creating an amazing looks and trends statement in whatever habesha dress style you wear. Traditionally, however, Ethiopians and Eritrean always wear clothes made of woven cotton. 

Men usually wear gabbi (handmade cloth beautifully worn over the shoulders and upper part of the body), and women often has to wear kemis (a loose tunic garment, dress, which is the traditional kemis of Habesha women, and netela (perfectly handmade cloth used to beautifully cover the head) with different very eye catchy colored embroidered woven. So our mission is to build a family of the world’s best Ethiopian traditional dress fashion manufacturer and
retailer by offering a captivating customer experiences that brings and drives long-term loyalty.

At Ethiopian Habesha Dress we give special care for our Eritrean Ethiopian cultural dress . The Ethiopian Traditional Clothes you buy go through series of quality control steps in our manufacturing store from design to shipping stages. All the Ethiopian clothing and Ethiopian traditional dresses sold are 100% export standard made with love.

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If you want to make sure that your Ethiopian dress is unique and that no one else is going to come to a habesha party or any cultural party dressed the same as you, then you need to upgrade your way of dressing with Ethiopian Eritrean Habesha dress.

You can possibly do that by purchasing these beautiful gorgeous Ethiopian traditional and wedding dresses which will make sure that your every family visit, any wedding or your church that you attend, all eyes are on you. Buy today Ethiopian Eritrean Habesha Dress and look elegant.

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Habesha Dress Ethiopian Cloth fashion kemis statement goes a long way. Dress it up for a wedding, church, or a family reunion on the town. Whatever you’re looking for, this look has it! Spring, summer or fall, don’t let this Ethiopian - Eritrean Traditional Dress slip out of your hands.

Made from the finest fabric in Ethiopia, this designer piece of clothing was made for you. Form fitting and stylish, we know Ethiopian Cultural dress fashion and we know you’ll love this! Do you have any question? Please contact us

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